Course Outline:

Homework/Daily Reminders
Thursday January 19th
-time to review for exam.
-here is review sheet which summarizes concepts to know for exam and also has review questions from the textbook:

Wednesday January 18th
-discussion of gizmo
-time to work on genetics problems, then collected. I will give you feedback tomorrow.
-returned plants test. This test was well done, good work!
-tomorrow we will do mock quest on genetics unit (mitosis, meiosis and Mendel genetics). This won't be for a real mark, but you can use as a study tool for the final exam.
Check back here later for an exam review guide which I will put up tonight.
Tuesday January 18th
-gizmo on one trait genetics to help you further understand the concept
-go to www.explorelearning.com
Class code: 7ZNCHCDRFE
Name of gizmo: Mouse Genetics (one trait)
Monday January 17th
-Mendelian genetics: textbook pages + fill in the blanks sheet given out in class
-homework: do personal profile on p. 133 + p. 137-138 #1-4 and p. 139 #1-3
Friday January 14th
-meiosis and nondisjunction disorders notes based on powerpoint shown in class:
Thursday January 13th
-plant test
-meiosis handouts: homework for tomorrow
Wednesday January 12th
-take up plants quiz
-hand in mitosis lab
-meiosis handouts: use photocopies from textbook to fill in handouts and answer attached multiple choice questions. Due as homework for Friday.
-tomorrow: Plants Unit Test. See last Friday for review sheet. be on time to ensure you have enough time to write test!

Tuesday January 11th
-take up homework questions
-mitosis lab done in class. Handout due tomorrow (questions and drawings)
Monday January 10th
-start Genetics unit
-Cell Cycle and Mitosis lesson.
-Homework questions to be completed for tomorrow:
1) A cell with 10 chromosomes undergoes mitosis. Indicate how many chromosomes would be expected in each of the
daughter cells.
2) During interphase, what event must occur for the cell to be capable of undergoing future divisions?
3) Compare and contrast the structure of daughter cells with that of the original parent cell.
4) Describe the structure and explain the function of spindle fibres.
5) What is the significance of cytokinesis? What could happen if cytokinesis did not occur?
6) A cell from tissue culture has 38 chromosomes. After mitosis and cytokinesis, one daughter cell has 39 chromosomes and the other has 37. What might have occurred to cause the abnormal chromosome numbers?

Friday January 7th
-guided questions in pairs related to section 4.17 and 4.19
-reminder that unit test on plants will be next Thursday January 14th
-here is review sheet that I gave out in class to study for unit test:
Thursday January 6th
-plants quiz
-lesson on 4.15. Here is powerpoint shown in class:
Wednesday January 5th
-work period:
Read 4.15 Control of Plant Development on p. 315 to 319. Then answer questions #1-5, 7, 8 on p. 319.
Tuesday January 4th
-took up 4.12 homework
-private life of plants video and questions
-tmrw: lesson 4.15
Monday January 3rd
-welcome back!
-I returned unit test from Animal systems unit. If you were absent, you should make sure you make the corrections and pick up your test from me tomorrow.
-we did powerpoint lesson on 4.12:
-hwk: p. 309 #1-8
-reminder: Thursday quiz on 4.1, 4.5, 4.8 and 4.10
Thursday December 16th
-powerpoint on 4.8 and 4.10:
-quiz on 4.1, 4.5, 4.8 and 4.10 will be on Thursday January 6th. Here is a study sheet for this quiz:
Wednesday December 15th
-powerpoint on 4.1 and 4.5:
Tuesday December 14th
-Unit 3 Test
tmrw: We are starting plants unit. We will do a lesson on 4.1 and 4.5.
Monday December 13th
-work period to study for Unit 3 test which is tomorrow
-if done studying, you should read section 4.1 and answer questions on p. 274 #1-4, 6
Friday December 10th
-fetal pig dissection sheet due
-took up 3.15 and 3.17 questions
-remember to study for Unit 3 Test on Animal Systems which is on Tuesday December 14th
-reminder: you can seek extra help on Monday in Room 263 from HMST students who are tutoring
Thursday December 9th
-finish fetal pig dissection
-pink sheet is due tomorrow at beginning of class
Wednesday December 8th
-fetal pig dissection
-we will continue tomorrow
-here is link to online dissection to help you: http://www.whitman.edu/biology/vpd/main.html
Tuesday December 7th
-finish powerpoint on 3.15 and 3.17:
-Here is Ms. Lam's prezi she created as a review about the respiration system: http://prezi.com/qfrwjj2w3pmh/respiratory-system/
-Hwk for Thursday: 3.15 questions and 3.17 questions assigned in class
-Unit Test on Animal systems will be next Tuesday, December 14th
-here is review sheet for unit test so you should begin studying ASAP!:
Monday December 6th
-took up homework questions
-quiz on circulatory and digestive systems
-powerpoint on 3.15:
-Unit Test # 3: Animal Systems on Tuesday December 14th
Friday December 3rd
-Bill Nye video on Respiratory System
-hwk: handouts on respiratory system
-quiz on Monday on Circulatory and Digestive System
Thursday December 2nd
-lesson on 3.10 Circulatory Disorders and Technologies. here is powerpoint:
Hwk: p. 207 #1-4, 6, 7, 9
Wednesday December 1st
-continue lesson on Circulatory System.
-Bill Nye video and handout on the Circulatory System
Hwk: p. 202 1,4,5,7,9
Homework Quiz tomorrow on one of these questions!

Tuesday November 30th
-lesson on Circulatory System. Handouts and board notes done in class.
-here is video Ms. Lam showed about the heart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3ZDJgFDdk0
-Hwk: finish handout by filling in table on Blood Vessels. We will take this up in class tomorrow.
Monday November 29th
-took up homework questions
-finish Bill Nye video on digestion. If you missed it, you can look it up on You Tube!
-note on phases of digestion done in class
-read 3.9 Circulatory System
-look at diagram on p. 187: microvilli and villi on small intestine

Friday November 26th
-continue lesson on 3.5
-Bill Nye Digestion video
-questions assigned by Ms Lam in class:
Page 188 #2, 7
What is the role of cellulose in digestion?
What would happen if a person didn't eat enough cellulose?
What foods could a person eat to get more cellulose?
Due as homework for Monday.
Thursday November 25th
-lesson on 3.1 and 3.5
Wednesday November 24th
-finish microbiology presentations
3.1 and 3.5 handout given in class: hwk for tomorrow
Tuesday November 23rd
-microbiology presentations (hand in project, research notes and rubric along with presentation)
-we will finish presentations tomorrow during class
Monday November 22nd
-Microbiology unit test
-hwk: read 3.1 and 3.5
Thursday November 18th
-review for unit test. To further your studies, refer to the microbiology review sheet posted end of last week. Good luck!
Wednesday November 17th
-there will be an assembly for OCAS (Ontario College Application Services) during Period 1.
-unit test has been moved to Monday November 23rd instead of the weekend. Make sure you balance your time this weekend between studying and working on your project which are due Tuesday November 24th.

Tuesday November 16th
-work on questions on protists and fungi, should be completed for homework if not done in class
-jeopardy review game. Will post powerpoint tomorrow so you can use it for review questions.

Monday November 15th
-library: research period for Microbiology project
-by now, you should have a theme and picked 4 organisms: 1 virus, 1 protist, 1 fungi and 1 bacteria that fit into this theme
Reminder: unit test on Thursday
Friday November 12th
-library for research period for Microbiology project. Due Tuesday November 23rd
-see attachment for rubric and description of project: 

-Unit Test on Microbiology is this Thursday, November 18th. Here is a study guide to aid your studying:

Thursday November 11th
-lesson on Fungi (section 2.15)
-microscope work with Fungi
Wednesday November 10th
-lab work: finish Activity 2.14 (p. 134-135) in class. If not completed, hand in the drawings and the following questions tomorrow: Analysis f, g and Synthesis n
-Hwk: fill-in-the-blank handout on section 2.15 Fungi (p. 136-140). Complete all sections except for Life Cycle which you are not responsible to know. Will be taken up in class tomorrow.
Tuesday November 9th
-finish protists note
-lab work: examining protists. You will be given more time to finish activity and then hand in questions by the end of the period.
Monday November 8th
-debates in class: good job! everyone did well at presenting their side to the rest of the class!
-hwk: finish protists note which we started today in class
-tmrw: finish protists note and examine protists using microscopes
reminder: late start tomorrow (so you need to be here by 10 am!)

Website for Nelson 11 Textbook with quizzes and links: http://www.nelson.com/nelson/school/secondary/science/0176265252/studweblinks.html

Friday November 5th
-work period in computer lab to research for non-therapeutic use of antiobiotics in farm animals

here are some links that may help your research:

Modern Meat Antibiotic Debate Overview

This Public Broadcasting System Web site contains a wealth of information about the modern meat antibiotic debate. It includes the drugs used, the meat industry's argument for the use of antibiotics, and links to articles dealing with the risks and benefits of using drugs in food animals, as well as links to organizations and advocacy groups.
Is Antibiotic Use In Agriculture Causing Antibiotic Resistance?
This factsheet from the Alberta Cattle Feeders' Association addresses the issue of whether antibiotic use in agriculture causes antibiotic resistance. This site also addresses Health Canada's efforts to develop a national monitoring program to track antimicrobial use in agri-food and aquaculture.
Antimicrobial Resistance-The USDA Perspective
This United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Web page is a summary of a speech discussing the risk assessment of antimicrobial resistance. It describes the USDA's current role in this issue, and the development of a public health action plan for the future.
Prudent Use of Antimicrobials: a Poultry Specialist's View
This British Veterinary Poultry Association article encourages producer, veterinarian, and governmental prudence and responsible use of antibiotics in poultry farming.
I will give you time on Monday to work in your groups (approximately 20 mins) and then we will start debate after that.

Thursday November 4th
-work period: read section 2.13 on p. 128-133 in their textbooks. Take notes on the characteristics of the 3 different types of protists: “Plantlike protists”, “Animal-like protists” and “Fungilike protists”
Wednesday November 3rd
-quiz on taxonomy, bacteria and viruses
-take up 2.12 in class
-here are the you tube videos shown in class for the for and against side of the debate:
For side: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbgHzcElocM
Against side: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfkdn6zR91s
You will be given time in class tomorrow to do mor research for your side.

Tuesday November 2nd
-take up case study questions and gizmo questions
-2.12 Explore an Issue: Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics: assigned in class. To be done as debate
on Friday

Monday November 1st
-gizmo on disease spread: www.explorelearning.com
Class Code: 7ZKHCFM6JE

Friday October 29th
-return unit tests
-take up Helpful Bacteria article
Hwk: Case Study p. 118-119 Questions #1-5
Quiz on 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.7, 2.8: Wednesday November 3rd
Document on what to know/study for Quiz:

Thursday October 28th
-finish bacteria lesson
-examine bacteria slides

Wednesday October 27th
-work period in class: finish 2.7 article and questions

Tuesday October 26th
-powerpoint done in class on Bacteria available here:

Monday October 25th
-computer webquest on bacteria. Here is the document so you can finish at home for tomorrow's class:
Friday October 22nd
-took up guided questions on 2.3 Viruses
-hwk: p. 107 #1-8

Thursday October 21st
-start 2.3 Viruses
-watch video on viruses in class
Wednesday October 20th
-finish Activity 2-2
-handed in in class

Tuesday October 19th
-take up Microbiology handouts
-work on Activity 2-2

Monday October 18th
-unit test
homework: section 2.1 questions # 1-10

Friday October 15th
-work in class on Microbiology handouts
-review questions assigned for unit test on Monday (see cellular functions review sheet)

Thursday October 14th
-40 minute class (8:40-9:25 am)
-we will take up homework questions on cellular respiration
-we will begin Microbiology unit with section 2.1 in your textbook: taxonomy

Wednesday October 13th
-QUIZ: for anyone who was away, the science department policy is that you have to call the morning of to explain your absence.
-we finished cellular respiration notes. Make sure you have homework p. 81 #1-10 done for tomorrow.
-Here is document explaining concepts you should know for unit test next Monday:

Tuesday, October 12th
-today we did a lesson on cellular respiration. View powerpoint presentation here:
-Homework Questions: p. 81 #1-10
-Reminder: Quiz tomorrow on Enzymes, Passive Transport and Active Transport
Unit Test on Cellular Functions- Monday October 18th
We will start next unit (Microbiology) this weekT